Available courses

This is a short introduction tutorial cum workshop on using Moodle LMS,
given to the faculty at narendrapur.

Question set for Final Exam

A fully online course for th MSc BDA students

This course emphasizes situations where Analytics and OR overlap and presents methodology how selected

problems can be tackled via a combination of techniques from both scientific areas.

This is a basic course that teaches

1. R Programming language

2. Python in Data Science

3. Java for Big Data Analytics

4. SQL programming

5. Excel Data Analytics, and

6. Data Visualization using Tableau

Treewidth and dynamic programming


Planar separator theorem and its application

Menger's theorem and its application

This is an introductory course for the students of Analytics.

This portal is for the admission test for PhD (Integrated) in Sanskrit programme.

LSK for Brahmacharins

The course is a detailed deliberation on the first chapter of Śāstrasiddhāntaleśasaṅgrahaḥ of Śhrī Appayya Dīkṣita (16th century).

  • Concept of climate model
  • Development of the concept of modelling approaches
  • Different types of climate model and 
  • Experiments over climate models
  • CMIP and RCP approach
  • Scenarios of climate modelling
  • Concept of downscalling and its' classifications

Enhancing communication and expression in English – an experiential online course for the students of M.A. Yoga